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Assemble your Spring capsule wardrobe

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

The pandemic restrictions are slowly starting to ease up. Littles pops of colours are slowly emerging from the ground. Spring is just around the corner! Time to pack up the gloves and start curating a wardrobe for when we'll be able to go out and socialise. Garden parties will be all the rage. It will be fabulous to catch up with more than one friend face-to-face! Personally I’m looking forward to having the Christmas dinner that never was with a few friends – be it a Christmas picnic or a Christmas barbecue! Being mindful about what what’s missing in your wardrobe gives you the time and permission to source it in the most sustainable way. You could wait for your favourite brand’s discounts, or you might start browsing preloved sites in search of the sartorial treasure that will complete your wardrobe beautifully. Below is a list of your Spring ‘must haves’, a mix up of classics and bolder colours or prints to give you style and comfort for this transition between lockdown and return to normal life!

1. Cropped jeans

Jeans are going nowhere. There is however a massive trend shift after years of squeezing our bottoms into super tight denim: Elle magazine announces ‘The skinny jean is dead’. It’s good news for sustainability as all that elastane is difficult to recycle. Personally I’m not completely ready to let go so I won’t get rid of my favourite pair just yet! But it’s true that after months of wearing loungewear, we expect comfort even when out and the jeans trends reflect this – barrel and Mom jeans at the ready! We also like to get cropped jeans out as they’re looking fresh and subtly reintroduce ankles to the world! Turn-ups will also do the job.

2. Bright joyful top

The bolder the better, in colour and print. Go OTT with frills, balloon sleeves. We like a feel-good bright floral or a bold polka dot. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it brings you joy when you see hanging in your closet and you have to refrain from wearing it every day!

3. Blazer

This staple will smarten up a pair of jeans but could also be worn down with a slogan jumper (see below). We like navy for Spring, less formal than black. But anything goes really, you can even make a bold colour statement or go with a kimono shape. What’s important is to find your perfect fit and look for a natural fibre such as wool for warmth and comfort. Fibres blends make the recycling process tricker so it's preferable to look for a '100%' label.

4. Breezy dress

As WFH continues, practicality will remain high on the agenda: still looking the part for video calls whilst stretching on the sofa! Whether it's an ampler shape or a stretchy material, these dresses are proof style and comfort are not mutually exclusive. Bring on the trapeze shapes and wizard / puffed sleeves! Maximise wears and enjoy across the seasons: introduce layers, wear back to front if the neckline is a little too plunging for Spring. Choose a midi or maxi not to overexpose pale legs and keep warm.

H&M x Anna Glover dress size M (oversize so can suit a variety of sizes)

5. White shirt and tee

It's tough to find the perfect white tee (even more so as a second-hand option): a cut that sits perfectly on your shoulders and a cotton thick enough that it doesn’t get too see-through. H&M, Zara and M&S offer a good selection - but tell me if you come across any great quality second-hand ones! White brings freshness to the look and can be accessorised with bold necklaces or earrings. White shirts are also a must, we hear the bigger and more intricate the collar, the better. Featured here a few off-white / patterned numbers that are easier to maintain.

6. Smart and cosy trousers

If you feel like dressing up without compromising on comfort you will love suit trousers with elasticated waist and /or drawstring. Add some pockets and you’re away. Find your perfect length whether you want to show some ankle or elongate the leg with a longer version. Pair with trainers, sandals or even heels if you feel up for it!

7. Denim jacket

When warmer days come nothing beats the denim jacket, the convenience to have a cover-up you can wear without thinking too much about it. Again the choices are endless but a safe bet is always a mid blue that can be worn season after season. Levi’s is the classic, I bought a clean wash when I started college and twenty years on reluctantly had to put it aside as it reaaaaallly was too small but hope my daughter will find some joy in it. We stock a few fitted styles but a loose fit can also be a winner to allow layers for colder climes.

8. Slogan sweater

Add fun and stay snug. These are so versatile they are equally at ease mixing with your loungewear attire, or pairing with a pencil skirt below to look fabulous. You might want to go for slightly oversize and 100% cotton to get all the cosiness.

9. Pencil skirt

A classic that takes you effortlessly from one season to the next and can be very chic or more informal coupled with sweater and trainers. Jersey cotton for max comfort and warmth, polyamide for a snug fit, velvet for special occasions. Just take the tights off whenever you feel ready to embrace the warmer days.

10. Statement trainers

Heels will have a hard time coming back out on the street. I was never a fan but now that we’ve tasted the comfort of fluffy sleepers and Birkenstocks, it will be a tough ask to wedge our sensitive little feet into stilettos again. Especially as trainers can give you effortless chic. Again go flashy. Metallic finish, bright colours, or my personal favourite animal print! Or get your chunky style with maximum cushioning out again - the 'ugly' trainer will still be popular in 2021!

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Peggy Picano-Nacci
Peggy Picano-Nacci
Feb 28, 2021

Can spring come any sooner?! Brilliant read and tips 💜💜

Replying to

Thank you so much ma Peg💛 I’m totally done with Winter, Spring clean, Spring wardrobe and Spring bbqs here I come!

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