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Make Spring cleaning a breeze

I needed someone to remind me that Spring has officially sprung - not that obvious based on the dreary weather! But Spring vibes can blossom at home: kick off the process with a clear out! It can feel daunting after the Winter hibernation - but it doesn't have to. Follow these steps to start the new season lighter and refreshed.

Break it down

It can seem insurmountable to tackle the clutter across the house, but it's not an all or nothing process. Break down your tasks by room, area or storage unit. Got a spare 10 min? Tackle the bathroom cupboard. Another two minutes? It's the sock's drawer's turn! You're progressing through your list and getting the therapeutic benefits of a power declutter - reducing stress and increasing happiness!

The joy sparking pile

What to keep? I always come back to the question brought to fame by Marie Kondo, 'Does the item spark joy?' This simple question can help with difficult decisions for items you've grown attached to, including clothes. Does it bring you joy? It's okay if it no longer does - something that doesn’t serve you or make you happy will weigh you down. Keep all the items that pass the test. Store the ones you love but are not seasonally relevant. So each morning you only have to choose amongst items you cherish, that fit you and you can wear right now.

The maybe pile

I prefer a gentle approach with clear outs. Items can hold a lot of meaning and emotions, we get attached for a variety of reasons and it’s okay if you're not ready to make black and white decisions straight away. That's where the 'maybe pile' comes in - for items you're indecisive about. Put the pile away and come back to it in three months - did you take anything out of it? Did you think about the items there? More often than not we forget about everything on that pile and that's the sign we are ready to let go.

Sorting your unwanted items

Now you've identified what you want to keep, what's in your maybe pile and what needs to go. The challenge now is to dispose of the 'to go' items in the most sustainable way. Get ready for more piles:


Nothing better than to pass clothes onto loved ones - that friend that would look amazing in your dress, or your friend's kids when yours have outgrown their clothes.

Donate to a charity close to your heart. Pay a visit to a brick and mortar shop or ask for a collection.

Some charities specialise in one type of item - check out this link for the best places to donate your old bras.

Think Gumtree, Nextdoor - handy local marketplaces when you have bulky or heavy 'collection only' items to donate or sell.

Try Ferris - a zero waste app to give and get stuff for free.


For the beautiful pieces that don't have a space in your life any more, but you can't bring yourself to donate, there are many options to resell.

If you are happy to spend time selling yourself:

Ebay, Vinted, Facebook Marketplace, for pretty much any category.

Vestiaire Collective, Cudoni, for luxury goods.

Hurr, By Rotation, if you are happy to rent some of your most luxury pieces.

Don't have the time or energy to sell yourself? Use a consignment service like ours! We take the hassle out of listing, photographing, advertising, dispatching, and we can even collect if you’re in London.


There might be recycling options for damaged clothes or electrical household items so it's worth checking what is on offer locally before the last resort - the bin!

Get your piles out of the house QUICK!

Often all the piles are organised and ready to go. Then they gather dust in the hallway, sit in the car boot but never make it to their final destination! So it's important to dedicate time to get the piles out of your house, sooner rather than later. Free up a couple of hours to do the trip to the charity and the tip. Or ensure your items are being collected pronto.

Hungry for more?

I love the newsletter from Courtney at Be More with Less. You will find tons of tips to declutter and simplify your life beyond your wardrobe. She's also the creator of Project 333 Challenge to help you carve the perfect capsule wardrobe. Happy Spring Cleaning!

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