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Curate your Spring trendy classics

What is hot in Spring 2022? Should you be making a lot of space in your closet to shop the latest trends? everything go to make space for the latest trends? Definitely not! It's easy to get swayed by strategically positioned adverts during a late night social media scroll convincing us we need to add the latest fashion craze to our wardrobe... all of that to realise a few months later that it was not really 'us'.

Your wardrobe should be made of 80% solid base of classics, with 20% left for 'trendy' items. This fits with the dynamic of minfdful shopping - thinking about the famous 'capsule' wardrobe, what goes together, which foundation pieces' to invest in, giving you a better return when you look at the cost per wear. I'm interested in the 'permanent trends' if there is such a thing! Items you might already own that will definitely feel current - but less likely to fall out of fashion. We've been scouring the web for the low down on what is hot in 2022, with a chance that you might already own it - if not why not put on a list to hunt for on preloved sites! These have got to last past this year - so we've purposefully left out the crop tops, cutout shirts, mini skirts and low rise jeans as not everyone is comfortable showing all the skin.

White - Everything bridal, so bring on the white and ivory tones. This also includes lace and tulle. This can be applied from top to bottom or in accents with a shirt or shoes. I have to be honest, for a long time I couldn't think of anything worse than a white tee or shirt; a bit 'plain' and so hard to maintain! Now I can't get enough of them. They bring instant freshness and sleekness to a look, they are easier to pair up with other colours. Check out our selection of gorgeous preloved white and ivory tops here. To accessorise, pearls are making a return and I love how understated and refined they can be.

Oversized blazer - They've been around for a while, they are not going anywhere and it's just as well as they bring instant style to any outfit. I'm yet to be on board with this trend mainly for practical reasons - I'm either too cold and prefer rolling around in my puffer, or it's too hot and I'd rather be in short sleeves. But now is the perfect weather window with days getting a little bit warmer.

Tailored trousers - bringing an effortless elegance to every look. Usually high waisted, the larger and longer the better. They can be dressed up or down, literally with heels or trainers. Mix them up with the blazer and the white shirt (see above). Tricky to unearth the perfect length especially to wear with trainers - for me the hunt continues!

Puffed - Whether it's puffy sleeves or bubble hem, the 80s are back and I love it, as it's playful and it's incredibly flattering, it accentuates the waist so makes up for gorgeous silhouettes.

Dopamine dressing - The bright colour block is all systems go, to make up for all the doom and gloom of the last two years! Saffron and 'Very Peri' (periwinkle) are where it's at in terms of these joy inducing colours. If you have bright outfits you were saving for the Summer holidays - get them out now! What a joyful note to end up on - look out for new releases on the site where we unleash the colour!

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