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Clementine Loves
Spreading the joy of preloved fashion

Hi I'm Clémentine, French Mum to two little froglets, based in South London. I've always loved fashion, but like many, I got a bit lost after entering motherhood, hiding behind shapeless tops and jeans, happy to indulge into the occasional Zara haul, without thinking too much about the consequences of fast fashion.


The unprecedented events of 2020 made me more mindful about what I consume - buying less, buying better,  and really enjoying what I've got. That's when I discovered the joy of pre loved clothes:  there are no rules, no trends, sizes don't even count! It's most liberating, a playful way to express yourself without breaking the bank.  Plus the thrill of the find! And of course you help save the planet one skirt at the time, win-win. I believe preloved has to be the future of fashion.


I decided to stop buying new clothing for myself and two years on, my wardrobe has never looked better - all the more unique, comfortable and luxurious. I'm now on a mission to spread the joy of preloved fashion and demystify second hand shopping - it's not all decades-old musty vintage, it is also modern, timeless pieces that look as good as new, sometimes still with their tag on!

Of course unearthing preloved treasures takes time - this is where I can help. Here I share my best curated finds, coming mainly from private closets. The best of the high street with a penchant for French boutique brands, and a pinch of designer and vintage. I love a good print: floral, polka dot and leopard are my favourites. Mixing it up with wardrobe staple pieces to create joyful, comfortable and modular looks. Every piece has been freshly washed or steamed and is in great preloved condition - if I sell it here that means I would be happy to wear it!


I'm constantly on the lookout for new preloved treasures, so get in touch if you want to make some wardrobe space and earn some cash (we can collect if you live in London), or if you have a question about any of the items.

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